Pulsing: A Beginners Guide

If you are new to pulsing, this short introduction will help you understand what you can expect, including how long it typically takes to complete a survey, how many questions you should include and how often to do it. Don’t miss our complete article on how pulsing can help turn data into insights. VHRS can […]

Bringing Performance Insights to Life

I spent sleepless nights throughout my HR career thinking about how to improve performance reviews. A 1 to 5 scale to measure a KPI/ OKRs, just wasn’t doing it for me. The conversations between manager and employee weren’t deep enough. The more time I spent explaining what the scale of 1 to 5 meant, the […]

Three Well Kept Secrets to Optimise Employee Performance

As an HR Consultancy, we provide a full suite of services to support the whole employee journey. This includes recruitment, induction, performance, training, disciplinary and exit processes, with customisable add-ons like employment equity, skills development, leave management and wellness programmes. Each step in the employee journey plays a crucial role in shaping the relationship between employee and […]