Streamlining the Induction Procedure

We like to focus on the experience we provide to candidates when they apply for a role at your company, how the communication flows during shortlisting, provide the right context as to who and when they will be meeting during the interview process, and make sure everybody is set for successful encounters.

Attracting Top Talent and Making an Offer

Making an offer to a candidate can drag, deciding on the cost to company, certain allowances like annual leave accrual, commission structure, bonuses, hours of work, location of work. These decisions need to be made promptly in order for the offer to be sent out on time. We've seen candidates taking on other jobs just because it took long to get the offer out. Once and offer is signed, usually companies proceed with contract creation, purchasing of equipment, arranging office space, communication with the team, creation of email address, add the person to the payroll system, before the new hire joins. We prepare checklists for all action points and keep relevant parties informed.

A Warm Welcome with a Company Presentation

The first day is crucial, a warm welcome to your company will set the tone for their full career at your company. We work on presentations where we take the new hire through the story of your company, the organogram, the company policies, office walk around, introductions and sign any other admin paperwork required, like special policies, employment equity forms, etc.

The Probationary Period

Then we set the probationary period in order for HR to do monthly checks with the manager and the employee, and hopefully things go as planned. But as you know, they not always do. We got you covered on this as well.

The All-Important Exit Interview

The same induction checklist that was activated when the new hire joined, will need to get deactivated when the employee leaves your company. So it goes hand in hand.

What's Included

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