When Things Don't Go According to Plan

This is the product that many of our new clients approach us with. There is an issue and we need to help.

The first step is to set up a meeting with the manager in order to understand what is happening. We listen to the story, gather all facts, address the severity of the issue, and provide feedback on best course of action.

Disciplinary Counselling

A counselling session is to be set with the employee in question, in which HR will take the lead and proceed to address the facts gathered previously, we invite the employee to comment on all points, and after hearing both sides we discuss resources needed for the situation to change as well as training needs. We end up the meeting by concluding what is expected going forward and what actions will take as to more counselling sessions.

Depending on the seriousness of the matter we decide if to issue warnings at all, and if yes, verbal or written. We then do a written debrief of the counselling session and issue warnings if necessary.

Resolution or Escalation

We give some time for things to get better and follow-up at the agreed timeline in order to make sure things have been resolved, or in the contrary if we need to counsel the employee again and continue issue warnings. After a verbal warning, we proceed to issue a written warning, and after this one, a final written warning (if the matter is too severe we can jump to a final written warning directly).

A Disciplinary Hearing

Once a final written warning has been issued, we then invite the employee to a hearing, where there will be a chairperson mediating the session. Once this session takes place, the chairperson will then provide findings to let us know if there are grounds to dismiss the employee. As we are very thorough in this procedure and we create the necessary amount of awareness, our counselling / hearing ratio is very small. We not often get to this stage, as things resolve beforehand.

What's included

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