4 Key Insights for Entry Level Recruitment

This article compiles the latest 2022 data on entry-level recruitment in South Africa, including the most successful platforms for job seekers, the most sought after skills, and average stipend.


Indeed and LinkedIn are the most popular platforms for Internship Applications.

  • 87% of total entry-level applications come through Indeed.
  • LinkedIn has absorbed the applicants that used to come though other channels like Gumtree (5%) and Facebook (10%).


Customer Service and Administration Departments receive the most applications.

  • Departments that don’t require a specific degree like Customer Service and Administration receive x2 more internship applications than Marketing and Finance.


Indeed remains the most successful platform to hire candidates for entry-level positions.

  • Twice as many candidates were hired through Indeed.
  • Other sources included referral programs or internal promotions.


Average asking stipend for Internships.

  • The average salary expectation for an internship in Cape Town is currently R6 672.


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