How can software help you optimise the performance of your HR team?

Trying to understand how tech can better support your HR team?

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  • Recruitment

On average search, it will take at least a full day of screening through 100s of CV’s in order to select the best candidates that match the criteria desired. When you have a recruitment software or ATS (Applicant Tracking System) it automatically filters through the candidates and give you a shortlist of 10 applicants on average, based on your desired criteria. So you go from 100 to 10 in no time!

  • Leave

It takes on average half a day to process leave through a manual system. Using a software means the information can be sent directly to payroll, saving time and minimising errors.

  • Performance

Performance software automates the scheduling and data gathering needed to run the sessions. It can also bring visibility to the whole process, creating dashboards that can track performance outcomes.

  • Legal

Working with local software can provide modules around employee equity, skills development and UIF which will streamline complex processes and ensure compliance with the South African legal framework.


HR Tech or HR Professionals?

Tasks easily delegated to Tech:

  • Recruitment funneling
  • Leave processing
  • On-boarding data collection
  • Probation follow-ups
  • Weekly pulses
  • Climate surveys
  • Training requests
  • Sharing policy


Tasks better managed by professionals:

  • Labour advice
  • Reporting HR metrics
  • Running soft skills workshops
  • Facilitation of performance sessions
  • Creating succession planning
  • Creation of company policy


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