Human Resources Tech (and AI)

Human Resources bots are on the rise

New developments in technology, specifically artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have grown rapidly in different industries around the world. In the Human Resources Industry, HR bots are being implemented daily due to being one of the most efficient and practical ways of working.

Many times, when the topic of AI, machine learning or chatbots comes up the conversation can often be extremely convoluted, which makes it hard to follow.Simply put AI can take the form of either chatbots, voice recognition, or algorithms.


What can this technology do for small companies?

This technology can automate manual activities by predicting patterns, collating, recording and managing data, providing analysis and automating repetitive processes. In this way for instance chatbots are able to personalise conversations by anticipating requests and communicating in a human-like conversation.

Specifically in HR, chat-bots are making waves in the industry by taking repetitive tasks manually performed by HR personnel for example on-boarding, and recruitment and applying this technology in order to provide an efficient means of easy communication with employees to get results without all the red tape.


Free-up time with AI

The most important factor that makes chatbots so appealing to HR departments is the fact that it makes everyone’s lives easier. Chatbots could replace repetitive task of HR personnel freeing up time to work on the more strategic elements of the job. At the same time chatbots provide the means for employees to get on the spot replies which increases productivity and satisfaction levels.

Some notable benefits of implementing chatbots are: the quick response time, the ability to pick up patterns and trends without HR personnel having to manually look for them, accurate management of large amounts of data and the ability to create on the spot analytical reports when needed.


Virtue HR Solutions bringing AI to your company

Virtue HR Solution is on the brink of bringing this impactful technology to HR departments in South Africa. Let us know if you would be interested in implementing an HR bot at your company? This would effectively eliminate all the admin and red tape that we know business owners and HR managers do not have the time for.

We would love to hear your thoughts!