Innovative Company Benefits

The appeal of SMEs to the employee

In South Africa, SMEs are quickly becoming the most interesting and appealing places to work due to the innovative nature of these companies. The fresh outlook on teamwork, almost no micromanagement in sight, youthful but driven workforce and endless possibilities of growth, are all part of the SME appeal.

These elements can easily attract the crème de la crème to your company. The problem is that this usually comes with a hefty price tag, one that SMEs usually cannot afford.


Retaining valuable talent

SMEs need to come up with innovative ways to attract and retain valuable talent in their company, by creating compensation packages which they can afford but are also attractive. Many SMEs are now offering unique benefits within their employment packages which have proven to satisfy all parties within the workplace.


Alternative employee benefits

Employee benefits come in many forms. Providing benefits in addition to a monthly package can really motivate employees and can ultimately differentiate you from the traditional compensation packages that are becoming less enticing to millennials.

We have taken the liberty of researching and compiling a list of benefits that many SMEs are already providing their employees, these include but are not limited to:

  • Travel/ transport allowance

  • Petrol reimbursements

  • Cell phone allowance

  • Monthly Parking Bay payment (near or on company premises)

  • Flexitime working

  • Remote working

  • Weekly provision of Breakfast or Lunch (once or twice a week)

  • Increase in leave days per annum

  • Allowance of a free leave day on employee’s birthday

  • Relocation stipend if an employee is relocating

  • Month-end team dinners/braais

  • Quarterly workshop for personal benefit e.g. money management, best insurance options in the market, free training for skills in new tech software (industry specific) etc

  • Creating activity clubs like squash, tennis, running or cycling

  • Employee/achiever of the month prize (could range from movie tickets to weekends away)

  • Workplace resting areas and fun room

These are just some of the unique benefits that seem to be the most attractive to employees. We encourage SMEs to continue to think out of the box and keep developing unique elements that contribute to their attractiveness in the market.

If you require assistance with creatively designing remuneration packages that are attractive and beneficial for all parties in the employment contract, contact us to set up a meeting today!