Why is HR Important?

HR as the backbone of the company

HR is sometimes viewed in a negative light with people considering it too administrative, rule orientated or an overload of red tape with too many systems and processes to follow. But having a reliable Human Resources department in your company could really determine your company’s success.

HR deals with the most important resource of a company – its people! This makes HR the heart of the company – if the heart is working efficiently the whole-body functions properly. If HR is structured and implemented effectively in a company it cements its strategic role as the foundation of the business. There is no other department that has as much influence and exposure throughout the company as the Human Resources department.


The HR practitioner in your workspace

An HR practitioner in a company is essentially the ultimate problem solver who aims to strike the perfect balance in keeping the employer and the employee happy. The creation and development of a beautiful company culture is usually left in the hands of your people department, and this is where we as an outsourced HR solution can create a work environment that retains and attracts valuable people.

The field of Human Resources is one which is still maturing and is ever changing, this gives an HR practitioner the autonomy to really contribute and add value by providing thought leadership and strategic direction, which is very liberating.


Human-to-human interaction

Although new digital tech is being developed everyday which aims to automate tasks within the workspace, HR is the one department wherein human -to- human interaction is undoubtedly irreplaceable.

As an HR practitioner nothing can compare to the feeling of striking that magical balance of recruiting the correct person, in the correct department, who performs optimally and results in company success.

From an HR perspective it’s a simple equation:

Happy employer+ happy employee+ thriving company= HR success!

HR allows us to do what we love, and that is having the privilege to work with people every day and make a difference in people’s lives, whilst at the same time championing and directly contributing to the company’s success.