HR Insider’s Eye “In HR you can use technology as a mirror” I will unpack this concept with Francois de Wet in our LinkedIn Live. Tune in for more insights on how technology is shaping the Recruitment game in SA. Watch the full video here! Spotify YouTube LinkedIn

HR Insider’s Eye What do you think about Renier Lombard’s accessibility to all team members in his growing business? While he’s leading the charge and expanding the business successfully, everyone in his company can easily schedule a chat with him. I believe his approach to running the business is well-suited for the new generation entering the workforce. […]

How did your HR department do this year?

As the year draws to a close and we wrap up work, we naturally find ourselves assessing our efforts, our wins, our learnings. And no better way to put it all together than in the form of an annual report. Doing an annual report helps take a step back and get a more strategic view of the year gone, and help us plan for the year ahead.

Three Metrics that every HR Department Should Track

We’ve created a list of 3 interesting and different ways to look at your HR department performance that you can use as part of your overall business strategy. Tracking employee retention metrics is a good indicator of employee satisfaction and overall management of hiring and recruitment. A high employee retention number means the cost of […]

Two Things to Consider when Choosing Your HR Software

The role of tech in HR has become more and more prominent over the years, and it is undeniable that no HR department can function optimally without some software support. From day-to-day workforce management, to value adding touch points; HR softwares can support virtually every step of the employee journey, while streamlining admin and ensuring compliance. […]

How can software help you optimise the performance of your HR team?

Trying to understand how tech can better support your HR team? Don’t miss our article on how to choose the right HR software solution for your company. Recruitment On average search, it will take at least a full day of screening through 100s of CV’s in order to select the best candidates that match the […]

Bringing Performance Insights to Life

I spent sleepless nights throughout my HR career thinking about how to improve performance reviews. A 1 to 5 scale to measure a KPI/ OKRs, just wasn’t doing it for me. The conversations between manager and employee weren’t deep enough. The more time I spent explaining what the scale of 1 to 5 meant, the […]

Three Well Kept Secrets to Optimise Employee Performance

As an HR Consultancy, we provide a full suite of services to support the whole employee journey. This includes recruitment, induction, performance, training, disciplinary and exit processes, with customisable add-ons like employment equity, skills development, leave management and wellness programmes. Each step in the employee journey plays a crucial role in shaping the relationship between employee and […]

Performance Management Best Practice

In this infographic we explore how long it takes to prepare for a performance management session, which components are typically used and what the recommended frequency is.   TWO HOURS It takes 2 hours of preparation work for each performance session.     1:20 In one of twenty sessions HR reports a finding of misalignment […]

Are you Paying Enough to Attract and Retain Top Talent? For companies to be able to attract and retain the best talent, it is crucial to ensure compensation remains competitive and in line with industry standards. This is not only important when hiring new employees, but salaries should be regularly reviewed to avoid excessive employee turnover. Salary benchmarking is a popular tool used by […]